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Design, Motion & Code

I am Timo Rick, a designer from Zurich currently based in Basel. My personal interest lies in finding creative digital design solutions and exploring the intersection between technology and design. I work with various techniques, dabbling in different fields such as print & graphic design, animation & motion design, 3D modelling & augmented reality, interactive media & webdesign, coding and occasionally I happen to make art. I'm available for both inhouse and freelance work, don't hesitate to reach out.

Drop by or say hello:

Dorfstrasse 12, 4057 Basel
Mo - Thu 09:00 - 17:00

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Timo Rick - Design, Motion & Code

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Private Projects
mSv[itzerland] Book Design
Ebb & Flow | Live-Coding
Rorschach 1 + 2
Design + art projects that were done in my free time or at the Academy of Design and Art FHNW in Basel.
Client Projects
Dr. von Moos AG Rebranding
Kunsthaus Baselland
Die Basler Eule Rebranding
All sorts of client work, done with love.
Animated Posters
AR Poster Time Kunsthaus Zürich
Struktureller Film Poster
Various Animated Posters
Zeitraum Filmfestival
A collection of animated posters done over the years, client and private work.
Make some Art!
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Informationdesign & Bookdesign: mSv[itzerland] - Kernraft in der Schweiz | Timo Rick & Yannick Fey | 2021

mSv[itzerland] was developed in 2021 by myself and Yannick Fey as part of the "Information Design" module led by Prof Marion Fink. The book deals with the history of Swiss nuclear power, illustrates statistics on Swiss energy policy over the decades, highlights significant national and international events and contextualises them chronologically.

The book consists of yellow pages [which illustrate officially collected data on energy consumption or other statistics relevant to nuclear power] and grey pages [which focus on events, votes or other topics such as the repository] and is structured chronologically: instead of numbers, the book is navigated using a timeline that stretches from the invention of nuclear power to far into the future [until the estimated decay of radioactive waste].

To visualise statistics and data, we have developed new diagram systems that use the visual language of established design systems to represent radioactive material and used analogue textures and imagery of what was originally organic.

Mentoring: Prof. Marion Fink | HGK FHNW IDCE
Time Poster
Generative Augmented Reality Poster Series | AR Poster Workshop | 2023
Time Poster

During a winter workshop on generative AR posters at the HGK FHNW IDCE led by Martin Golombek and Ted Davis, we were asked to design a poster concept for the current "TIME" exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zürich.

The result is a generative poster series in which the poster adapts to the current date and time and influence the graphic elements on the poster accordingly. The Poster can also be scanned and then displays the animated, changing Poster in Augmented Reality.

HGK FHNW IDCE | Mentoring: Martin Golombek, Ted Davis
Alchemy Poster | Timo Rick

Free Project
Animation for the Publishing Lecture Series Poster | Timo Rick

Client: FHNW HGK, Kambiz Shafei
Film Poster
Animation for the Poster "Struktureller Film" by Prof. Michael Renner | 2022
Film Poster

On behalf of the AnDiCo-Lab at the HGK FHNW IDCE, I animated Michael Renners poster "Structural Film", both as a key visual for social media and for the augmented reality version for the "100 Beste Plakate 2023" book.

Poster Design: Prof. Michael Renner | for AnDiCo-Lab


Prompt: "ALCHEMY"


Prompt: "SPAM"


Prompt: "SCHNELL / FAST"


Prompt: "OFFEN / OPEN"


Prompt: "7" 2021


Prompt: Posterslam 17 | different objects to include (wax hand + red stones)

Various Animated Posters | 2019 - 2024

Various animated posters from recent years, each on different topics and prompts. These were created either for research or for the Posterslam Basel, a student initiative to promote poster design and exchange between designs students at the university.

Posterslam | Different Animated Posters
Ebb & Flow
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Ebb & Flow | Improv-Workshop: Code, Sound & Movement | Dancer: Harumi Mumenthaler, Bass: Florian Bolliger | 2021
Ebb & Flow

As part of the summer project at the Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW, I led a workshop that explored the possibilities of combining live music, improv dance and performative live coding. Various improv sessions took place over the course of a day under the guiding theme of "Ebb & Flow". The interplay and reaction between the three performers in the areas of music, visuals and dance is an essential part of the overall performance. The visuals, coded in real time with p5.js, react to inputs from the music (audio feed) and the dancer (motion tracking via camera input) and are projected onto a screen with which the dancer can interact.

Code & Direction: Timo Rick
Dance: Harumi Mumenthaler
Music: Florian Bolliger
Assistance Video & Photo: Shahrdad Ghazi Wakili & Rahel Tonini
Location: Dynamo Zürich
Code: p5.js, p5.LIVE & flow.js

Visit the documentation website:

Summer Project | Prompt: "Rythm" | HGK FHNW IDCE
Rorschach Vol. 1 + 2
Rorschach 1 & 2 | 2019 - 2022

"Rorschach" is an art project that explores the aesthetic value of unidentified objects and their scope for interpretation. It is based on macro photographs of processed plasticine, which are then screen-printed on canvas. Each print is unique and shows an individual motif. While the images in series 1 were largely unprocessed, the second series works with symmetrical reflections and draws a further formal bridge to the Rorschach test. "Rorschach" was exhibited in 2019 as part of "KvF Jungthaeter Vol.1".

Prints are still available, feel free to reach out if you'd like to buy one.

Photography | Art Project
Animated Poster Series | 2021

In the "Medium" specialisation at he HGK FHNW IDCE, we were asked to design an animated poster series for the fictitious moving image film festival "ZEITRAUM". The poster series plays with the ambiguity of the word ZEITRAUM [Zeit = time, Raum = space, Zeitraum = period/time period] and refers to the emerging medium of interactive VR film. The module was mentored by Dirk Koy.

Mentoring: Dirk Koy | FHNW HGK IDCE
SPAM Poster Series
Animated Spam Posters | Timo Rick

Free Project
Digital Identity | Timo Rick

HGK FHNW 2021 | 1-Week Workshop | Lucille Tenazas
Kunsthaus Baselland | Poster & Animation | 2022

During 2023, the Kunsthaus Baselland moved to Münchenstein on the Dreispitz. On behalf of the AnDiCo-Lab at the HGK FHNW IDCE, I created this poster and an animation to convey the move and generate attention for the new Kunsthaus. Inspiration for the visual language was drawn from the architectural and lighting plans by Buchner Bründler Architekten. The poster was displayed at the Dreispitz and at the Basel Architecture Week.

Client: Kunsthaus Baselland | Art Museum | for AnDiCo-Lab
Zum Schmalen Wurf
Animated Poster for the topic "Connexions" for BuchBasel
Zum Schmalen Wurf

Client: Literaturfestival BuchBasel
Paint Gallery

If you want to see your Artwork here, feel free to send it to info@timorick.ch

A few classics, done in the Paint.exe App from this Website!
Music Player
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BRC Bio & StemcellX
BRC Bio & StemcellX | Corporate Identity & Design System | 2021

BRC Bio is an enterprise in the international MedTech sector. The company specialises in supporting innovative projects and medical start-ups in their search for investors and ensuring the transition from academic development to the private sector.

The aim was to create a fresh, modular corporate identity that fits into the MedTech sector and works for BRC Bio as an umbrella company, but can also be adapted and individualised for future individual products and subsidiaries (e.g. for its subsidiary StemcellX).

Client: BRC Bio | Biological Research Company
Showreel 2023
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Showreel 2023.mp4
Snake.exe - use your arrow keys to move
Dr. von Moos AG
Dr. von Moos AG | Rebrand, Corporate Identity & Website | 2022 - 2023
Dr. von Moos AG

Dr von Moos AG has been a leading company in the fields of geology and geotechnics for over 65 years. The company is characterised by highly specialised employees who provide advice on all expert matters.

The aim of the rebranding was to refresh the outdated image in a contemporary way. The design should clearly tie in with the previous CI and pay homage, but communicate the company's expertise, excellence and innovation both externally and internally and visually set it apart from its competitors as a high-end solution.

Visit the website:

Client: Dr. von Moos AG | Geology & Ingeneering Company
Die Basler Eule
Die Basler Eule | Soft Rebrand & Website | Timo Rick & Soraya Koefer | 2023
Die Basler Eule

The association "Die Basler Eule" has been organising the writing competition for children and young people in the Basel region for decades, is committed to literature and runs the online literature magazine.

For the launch of the new "Literaturmagazin" the existing website is to be redesigned with a more playful, contemporary look and feel and to encourage creative writing. In addition, a structural and visual differentiation between 1) the association Die Basler Eule, 2) the literary magazine and 3) the writing competition is desired. In collaboration with Soraya Koefer, a soft rebranding, new visual identity and modern, barrier-free website were created.

Visit the website:

Client: Die Basler Eule | Youth Writing Competition
ONTWAN | Website & Branding | 2024

Anton Böhme aka ONTWAN is a freelance illustrator and designer from Basel, Switzerland. He approached me to design his web portfolio together. We decided on a modern, playful design that picks up on the visual language of his illustrations through small interactive elements.

Visit the website:

Client: Anton Boehme | Designer
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TERMINUS: A virtual stroll through postapocalyptic Basel | Research & Interactive Media | 2022

As part of my bachelor's thesis, I focussed on the hypothetical scenario of a world without/immediately after humans. What scenery do we leave behind? What traces of our society would remain if we were to disappear from one day to the next, what remnants would disappear over time? I think it is relevant to engage with this topic as a society, to ask what would happen if humanity suddenly disappeared - especially in the midst of a global pandemic and an advancing climate crisis, when the thought of human extinction seems omnipresent.

How can this topic be communicated immersively? What new visual languages can be used to visualise speculative future scenarios and what influence and responsibility do we as designers have on these representations? To what extent can artificial intelligence be used to generate speculative visual material, and to what extent can this experimental technology be eradicated? I asked myself these questions in my design bachelor's thesis.

The result is a virtual walk through a post-apocalyptic Basel in the form of an interactive website. Open source geodata from the city of Basel serves as the basis for generating immersive 360° backdrops using machine learning algorithms.

Visit the documentation website:

Bachelor-Thesis | HGK FHNW IDCE

Art & Research.zip

Client Work.zip

Animated Posters.zip

Showreel 2023.mp4